Hello. I like bootleg toys, and am using this website to document bootleg robots and other toys I find interesting.
I know a lot about bootleg Furbys despite only owning three of them, and I've done a lot of research on them.
I'm 17, and my pronouns are she/her. Aside from Furbys and other toys like that,
I like Portal, Jurassic Park and VOCALOID. I'm not a part of those communities, though. I also like Ocha-ken.
I'm a fan of webcore and kidcore, and I like vintage electronic and plush toys, and dolls.
Little-known fact about myself: Before I was a Furby fan, I used to be a Thomas the Tank Engine fan.

Neocities says this website was made back in 2017 because of how I abandoned it a few times. I hardly knew how to code back then.
This was originally going to be a Furby fansite until I changed my mind.

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