Note: I didn't discover this knockoff. It was discovered by Ninten110
and yes, I know the one in the picture above is missing its nose.

Bobby is a poo-chi knockoff by an unknown company.
The toy well-resembles Poo-chi and comes in the following color variations according to the packaging:

  • Silver and blue
  • Silver and red
  • Silver and yellow
  • Features

    Bobby's eyes light up and flash, and its legs move into a sitting position and then into a standing position quickly when barking.

    You can press the button on Bobby's head for him to start barking. Bobby comes with a plastic bowl with a part of a bone attached
    so you can put your cell phone in the bowl against it. When the phone rings, Bobby will start barking.
    Bobby's batteries are installed in the back of its head. I'm not sure what type of batteries it requires.