Interactive Pazzo

Interactive Pazzo is a robotic toy dog by Eztec.

There's not much information on Interactive Pazzo, as the toy currently seems to be obscure.
The only information I can give on the toy comes from photos of the box.


The toy seems to have an Aibo-inspired body, and is only known to come in silver with black. The toy actually reminds me of Tekno a bit because of the eyes.
The toy's eyes light up orange and can change expressions. Pazzo can be happy, sad, or excited according to the box.
The toy responds when you call it, barks, eats, yawns and sleeps. It can wag its tail and move its ears. The box says "Shake hand"
as one of the features. I'm not sure what this means, but it could mean Pazzo can move his paws. The toy's box claims Pazzo has an infrared obstacle detector. Pazzo comes with a remote
control and he requires a 1 x 4.8v rechargeable battery pack to work.

Photos of Pazzo

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