Dog.e (Incomplete)

Dog.e was a remote-controlled dog by Giochi Preziosi. The toy was sold in the UK under "Dog.E" and as "Ralf" in Italy.


Dog.e comes with a remote control allowing you to control the direction it goes and it comes with a bone and a bowl that contains food and water.
Dog.e has a guard mode, barks and growls, walks, eats and drinks from its food bowl, and its eyes light up. According to the box, Dog.e can carry light objects in its mouth
such as its bone, but if you try to pull it out of its mouth, it will growl at you. Dog.e's tail, ears, and mouth move. Dog.e comes in silver only, while Ralf comes in a silver
variation with the colors blue and black, and a white variation with the colors red, yellow, and blue.


Though Dog.e isn't known to have any merchandise, Ralf is known to have had mini figures and an inflatable pool toy.