T-Cat 2000

T-Cat 2000 is a robotic cat toy with bump and go action.

It is only known to come in the color white and has been distributed by multiple companies, like T-Dog 2000.


Toho, a Japanese company, sold the toy in Japan as T-Cat 2000. Talentoy sold it as Robo Kitty, while a company with an
unknown name sold the toy as Hi-tech Cat (Credit to Ninten110 for finding out about Hi-tech Cat).
It's not known for certain which company created T-Cat originally.


The toy's eyes light up and it moves around with bump and go action, moving its tail and front paws. Unlike other
versions of the toy, Talentoy's version claims their version has three stages of growth. According to Robo Kitty's box, in stage 1,
Robo Kitty can move, is touch and sound activated, and stays in one spot whenever its eyes flash. In stage 2, Robo Kitty is said to be able to move with flashing
eyes, make noise, and have a happy expression. In stage 3, it is said to have a certain mode
you can play with Robo Kitty in and Robo Kitty can respond differently to touch, with the possibility of it showing an angry expression in its eyes.

NOTE: The box also says "Growth Feature" as one of the changes that occur in the third stage. I'm not sure if they meant to say the cat
has reached its final growth stage at stage 3 since the English on the box is a bit weird, e.g. "Flashing eyes in standing".
Another thing, I don't know if the cat can show other expressions aside from happiness and anger due to a lack of documentation on the toy.

A Possible Prototype

At Toho's booth at the 2000 Tokyo toyfair, there was a version of T-Dog 2000 with a cat head being displayed. Though I think it could be a T-Cat 2000 prototype,
there is no confirmation of it being one.


Not much merchandise is known to exist for T-Cat 2000, aside from a toy keyboard, a wind-up toy, and a mysterious
figurine listed as a lighter on a Spanish auction website.


T-Cat 2000 was re-released years later with its original design by Amwell, YushiXing, and another unknown company.
Vivitar, and an unknown company, however, sold the toy with a different design.

YushiXing's version

This version of T-Cat has a translucent tail and visor that light up and flash. YushiXing is only known to have sold the toy in white and purple, and white and pink.
An unidentified company sold the toy in white with a blue visor and tail, while another unknown company whose name is not on the toy's packaging
is known to have only sold it in white with a purple visor and tail.

NOTE: I was unable to identify the other company because I could not find a good photo showing the company name on the box of the white and blue T-Cat.

This version of the toy is known to play Witch Doctor
while making one of the noises from the Talking Tom app that you hear when you hurt Tom.

Amwell's version

Amwell sold T-Cat 2000 as a part of a series of fake robotic toys called the Xin Xin Family.
As a part of the series, the company named the cat "Bao bao", and is only known to have sold it in white with pink ears
and a blue visor. A stock photo of a white one with gray ears and a blue visor exists, however, no other actual photos of one existing have been found.
Amwell's released version of T-Cat was sold as Интерактивный робот (Interactive Robot) by another company in Russia that remains unknown.
Searching "Интерактивный кот-робот" can also yield images of the toy on Google.
Due to a lack of documentation on the Russian version and Amwell's version, I don't know for sure if both versions play music or if they simply make cat noises.

Modified Designs

Version by an Unknown Company

An unknown company that sold T-Cat with a modified appearance under an unknown name. This version of T-Cat has a blue opaque visor,
with the same type of face, ears, and tail. Its legs are different, however. Its eyes can still flash, and according to a stock photo, the toy's body lights up.
The toy has a smaller wheel beneath to help it stay balanced.

Vivitar's version

Vivitar's version of T-Cat uses the same mold as the modified version sold by an unknown company. Vivitar's version looks alot less like T-Cat, however,
with the only noteable difference being the round pieces of plastic molded on the sides of its head. Vivitar's version of T-Cat more closely resembles a bootleg bump and go Aibo, with
a similar tail, pair of legs, a large black visor, and a black translucent piece of plastic on its back. This version of T-Cat also has a round pink nose and molded-on whiskers.
Its ears don't have holes like T-Cat's original design.


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